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Welcome to Cowpounder Kennel.  

Your source for the highest quality Doodle puppies.  


Growing up on a farm was a great way of life for me and I believe it’s a great for the puppies as well. I grew up on a dairy farm but even with all of the work that goes along with milking cows we managed to raise a few shelties and have raised dogs in some capacity since 1985.


After my mom, Lorna, decided to sell the cows she and my dad, Dave, decided to raise doodles and we have been since 2003. Being on a farm gives the dogs plenty of experience of just ‘being a dog’, from barking at the ducks, cats and guineas, to going with when we ride horse and sometimes just getting muddy in their ‘pools’. I even have a couple of cats who love to play and tease the puppies. Luckily they’re smart enough to not try it with some of my dogs!


I believe in giving the puppies the right foundation to transition into being wonderful and appreciative pets for singles and families alike. Doodles love everyone they meet and enjoy nothing more then putting a smile on your face. We have had years of experience to help you pick the perfect puppy for your lifestyle and family. My goal is for my puppies to be happy and healthy-and that can’t happen if you are not also happy with them.


I offer a two week money back return policy for any reason. If getting a puppy was too overwhelming, if he doesn’t get along with another pet or allergies are acting up, please know I will always welcome back one of my dogs. Along with the two week policy, I also offer a replacement policy if your dog dies from a genetic health problem. Healthy dogs that will have a long life is the goal so rest assured I stand by that. I offer a lifetime of advice and help so please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thanks for your interest in my puppies and I’d welcome you to come meet them anytime by appointment.




Mini doodles weights range from 20 to 30 pounds. 

Mediums  40-50 pounds

Standards 60-70 pounds 

Boys: $900.00

Girls: $1000.00


Mini F1B's weigh 20-30 pounds. Medium F1's weigh between 35-45 pounds. 

Boys:  $800.00

Girls:  $900.00


Mini F1B laberdoodles weigh between 20-30 pounds.

Boys:  $800.00

Girls:  $900.00



My puppies are almost always spoken for before birth, but I can give you a rough time frame once I know what size and sex puppy you are looking for. The wait time is typically a couple of months out but spring time is the most popular. If you need the puppy within a certain timeframe you might have to be on the wait list for several months. 

Once puppies are born, I go down my wait list  contact you with the birthdate, the parents, which pick you will be, and when they will be ready to go. If at any time you don't like the looks or the timing of the puppies you may choose to skip and go back to your place on the wait list. I don't assign puppies, I want you to be happy with your choice, and I like to see what the puppy's opinion is of you before they go home. I can help you pick the right puppy based on your wants and lifestyle. Some puppies fit into certain situations easier then others. 

While the puppies are growing and getting ready to leave here, I will update you with pictures throughout the 8 or 9 weeks the puppies will be here. After the puppies are 4 or 5 weeks old their personality starts to emerge and that is the age to come visit them if you'd like to make two trips to the farm

I do not offer shipping for any puppies and I rarely am able to meet somewhere. Please plan on driving here to pick up your puppy. 

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Thanks for reaching out, I will be in contact soon!

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