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Mini Goldendoodle Parents

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Goldendoodle Generations

An F1 is a 50/50 mix of golden retriever and poodle. They are the original goldendoodle and tend to keep the golden retriever personality and the trainability of the poodle. Some F1's will shed a little so anyone with allergies would be better off with an F1B which is an F1 bred back to a poodle, making it 75% poodle. An F1B with a curly coat shouldn't shed at all, but I like to remind everyone most doodles will shed a little. It's just nothing compared to most dogs (or a woman with long hair!)

An F1BB is an F1B bred back to a poodle so the puppies are 7/8th poodle. These are the best for allergies and non-shedding. 


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